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A BHA solution toner that gently wipes away dead skin cells and
debris and treats excessive sebum secretion for the look of refreshed skin.

  • 01Naturally derived 100% salicylic acid extracted from winter green clears away accumulated sebum to clean and smooth the skin.

  • 02Mild exfoliation through Mamonde’s BHA clear system technique that extracts and stabilizes naturally derived salicylic acid is perfectly suitable for weak, sensitive skin.

  • 03Mint leaf extracts soothe, smooth, and clear up skin that is easily fatigued from the environment.

  • 04Helps the skin restore its broken pH balance after cleansing.

Flower Story

Winter Green
  • Winter Green leaves and fruits

    Naturally derived salicylic acid extracted from winter green leaves, an ingredient in the AC Balance line

    Winter green is known as a unique plant that is abundant in salicylic acid, which treats excess sebum and accumulated dead skin cells. Mamonde’s technology was used to stabilize the naturally derived salicylic acid extracted from winter green leaves and contained in the AC Balance line to maximize treatment of dead skin cells and to make it suitable for use on sensitive skin.

Clear system

Mamonde’s technology that solves skin concerns by stabilizing naturally derived salicylic acid extracted from winter green into a formula.

Salt-type effective ingredients destabilize the formula stabilization system. Mamonde extracts BHA components from nature and uses a dual polymer system to stabilize the formula for delivery, which boosts their effects.

We perfected a double system that removes dead skin cells after hydrating them for a gentle way to treat dead skin cells and skin concerns.


How to Use AC Balance Toner

Step 1. After cleansing in the morning and evening, wet a cotton with a quarter sized amount of the product (about 2.5cm).
Step 2. Gently wipe your face from inside to outside in the direction of the skin’s texture.

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