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2-product camellia antiaging set that features the powerful tenacity of red camellia flowers that resist withering for an entire week even above the white snow to recharge the loss of skin’s elastic look and reduce signs of wrinkles

Functional product for wrinkle improvement

  • Camellia Saponin Antiaging

    Saponin, which is an effective ingredient for powerful antiaging found in camellia flowers, improve signs of aging to create youthful and healthy skin.

  • Absorbs quickly into the skin

    The non-sticky and refreshing liquid skin softener absorbs quickly into the skin to create a healthy skin foundation.

  • Powerful Moisture Barrier from Camellia Oil

    The emulsion contains a large volume of camellia oil and plant derived oils to relieve the skin’s dryness and provide solid protection.

Set Components


    Age Control Skin Softener 200ml
    Age Control Emulsion 150ml

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    Age Control Power Serum 5ml
    Age Control Power Eye Cream 5ml
    Age Control Power Cream 7ml

Flower Story

  • The Flower with the Powerful vitality to Endure Through Snow

    The camellia blossoms during the heart of winter and falls in clusters.
    Even after falling, these clusters retain their shape above the snow for 1 week. The secret to antiaging was discovered from the powerful vitality of camellia flowers that maintain their bright red petals amidst the snow.

  • Beautiful Purchase Pledge with a Camellia Town in Jeju

    Camellia Town in Jeju is home to beautiful camellia trees with red petals.
    Because they do not use agricultural pesticides or chemical fertilizers in the cultivation process, the camellia flowers and camellia seeds are clean and pure raw ingredients. When camellia flowers fall after enduring the strong sea breeze and the severe cold of winter over 365 days, the fallen clusters are gathered and used as raw materials.

  • Antiaging Effects of Saponin in Camellia Flowers

    Camellia saponin from camellia flowers was discovered to have outstanding antiaging effects through 35 years of camellia research, which led to success in extracting 1.5 times more saponin content than typical extraction methods through an eco-friendly, customized technique.
    (Eco-friendly Customized Technique: Low-energy processing method, Conventional Extraction Method: Methanol extraction method without a circulation process.)


Age Control Skin Softener Formula

Age Control Skin Softener Formula

After cleansing, dispense small amount into hand
and gently wipe or apply onto face starting from the nose outward.
Pat any remaining product
into skin. Use morning and evening.

Age Control Emulsion Formula

Age Control Emulsion Formula

After using toner in the morning and evening, pump the container
to take an appropriateamount and spread gently in the direction
of your skin’s texture.

Age Control

Camellia Age Control Line Camellia Age Control Line
1 Age Control Skin Softener
An antiaging skin softener that absorbs quickly into the skin to recharge moisture and add firmness to create a healthy skin foundation.
2 Age Control Emulsion
An antiaging emulsion that forms a moisture barrier that gently covers the skin to create a smooth and firm texture.
3 Age control Power Serum
An antiaging serum that with an smooth spread instantly upon application, granting the skin with firmness and reducing signs of wrinkles to look youthful and revitalized
4 Age Control Power Eye Cream
An antiaging eye cream that reduces signs of wrinkles as one of the key concerns around the eyes and protect the skin with moisture and firmness, leaving no room for the weak skin around the eye to grow dry.
5 Age Control Power Cream
An antiaging cream that fills every crevice of rough skin to youthful and healthy skin and add adhesive moisture for the look of strong, plump skin.
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