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All Stay Foundation Glow

Glowing until the sun goes down
A foundation that adds a beautiful glow to realize natural looking gorgeous skin

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  • Beautiful glow
    to highlight your skin

    High-refractive oil complex is used for a brighter glow and to give a natural coverage of the skin flaws to flatter your skin’s natural beauty.

    Brilliant glow from the high-refractive oil complex

  • Soft texture
    with a natural finish

    The soft-textured formula blends in tight with a lightweight tinge of color to visibly even the skin tone.

    Settles in tightly with natural comfort

  • Non-tightening comfort
    with a gorgeous-looking finish

    Damask rose water and intensive moisturizing hyaluronic acid replenishes moisture to create beautiful looking skin and keep it feeling dewy.

    Rich moisture delivery

What is high-refractive oil complex?

 high-refractive oil complex

High-refractive oil complex produces a subtle glow as oil remains on the skin’s surface and water evaporates due to their weight difference.

Creates a natural glow with beautifully textured skin rather than an artificial shine.

* This is an illustrative image to help consumers understand the mechanism.


  • 21C Rose Ivory

    21C Rose Ivory

  • 21N Ivory

    21N Ivory

  • 23C Rose Sand

    23C Rose Sand

  • 23N Sand

    23N Sand

Check the color on the inner arm

Non-drying, dewiness!

Non-drying, dewiness! before, after

* The result might be slightly different depending on the condition

Consumer satisfaction survey results

① 96%* user satisfaction with the soft texture

② 90%* user satisfaction with the non-sticky clean finish

* Consumer satisfaction survey results Subjects : 100 Korean women aged 19-34 / Period : Oct. 29, 2018 - Nov, 7, 2018 / Agency: Remotion

How to use

At the final step of your skincare routine or after using makeup base, take an adequate amount then gently apply on the entire face. For areas that require extra coverage, apply another layer by patting.

Tips for greater coverage!
STEP 1. Apply by blending tightly onto the skin
Lightly blend along the skin texture working from the inner side outwards on the broad areas of the face such as the forehead using either your hand, a brush or a puff.
STEP 2. Lightly pat to finish.
Dab on the applied area to create an even coverage.
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