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Foundation that stays
on the skin all day long!
Skin that looks beautiful
all the time.

All Stay Foundation

all stay foundation image
all stay foundation image

Rose Ivory

Seamless coverage
like coating the skin

Light-weight texture that blends in
seamlessly with the skin for smooth and
full coverage

Rosy color
to brighten up the skin

Fine blue pigment to create bright
and flawless skin
( blue pigment added to : No. 21C and No. 23C )

Beautiful skin that lasts all day!

Freeze and Fix Powder
minimizes powder caking and keeps
the skin looking beautiful and
naturally glowing over time

About Freeze and Fix Powder

Freeze and Fix Powder
solidifies sebum and maintains
the ideal oil-moisture balance
in the skin to help makeup stay put
and last without caking

  • Makeup layer formed
    of common powder
    all stay foundation image
  • Makeup layer with Freeze
    and Fix Powder
    all stay foundation image
Makeup layer composition(including powder and pigment) / sebum /  Sebum Fixing Powder

Seamless makeup look! How to Use

  1. STEP 1

    Apply along the
    skin texture using
    your hands or puff

  2. STEP 2

    Gently and lightly
    pat to help the
    foundation blend
    in better with the skin

Mamonde’s Rose Pink Base Colorfor a bright complexion
without darkening

  • No. 21C
    Rose Ivory
  • No. 21N
  • No. 23C
    Rose Sand
  • No. 23N

Find the right color for your skin

No. 13 /No. 21C /No. 21N/>No. 23C/No. 23N/No. 25 image No. 13 /No. 21C /No. 21N/>No. 23C/No. 23N/No. 25 image

Colors applied on a light-yellow skin tone (No. 21)
(results may vary from person to person)

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