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The skin looks moist!
A makeup base that creates glowing, makeup-ready skin

아쿠아 글로우볼 베이스
  • Skin that is ready for any foundation

    An aqua base containing honeysuckle extract recharges the skin with moisture to create hydrated skin look that is ready for any foundation

  • Luminous skin that glows at all angles

    The fine pearls of Glow Ball with pearl powder effectively reflects light to correct skin trouble and create luminous skin look that glows from the inside.

  • It adheres closely to the skin so makeup does not flake or slip over the base

    The mix of glow ball and hydrating ingredients keeps the skin moisturized for a long time after makeup is applied to enhance the consistency of makeup without it flaking or slipping.


  • 초록, 노랑, 흰색 글로우볼

    No. 01 Green Ball

    • Natural glow
    • Suitable for oily, combination skin
    • Light aqua gel allows fresh absorption
    01 그린볼 제형 및 손등에 발라진 모습
  • 골드, 흰색 글로우볼

    No. 02 Golden Ball

    • Voluminous glow
    • Suitable for dry, dehydrated and oily skin
    • Intensive aqua gel immediately hydrates the skin
    • Contains 150ppm of gold
    ※ Source : Beauty Blogger Rimnim  02 골든볼 제형 및 손등에 발라진 모습



  • 아쿠아 글로우볼 베이스 사용 모델 , 1단계

    [1] At the first step of applying makeup, gently apply over the entire face.

  • 아쿠아 글로우볼 베이스 사용 모델 , 2단계

    [2] Makeup may slide if too much of the product is applied, so take an appropriate amount of the Glow Ball Base and use heat from the hands to melt it over the skin for absorption.

  • 아쿠아 글로우볼 베이스 사용 모델 , 3단계

    [3] Once you finish applying your makeup, you may apply a thin layer of the base over the forehead, nose bridge, and cheekbones to create a natural glow to the make-up.

Makeup TIP

Combine the foundation and base using a 3:1 ratio to create a moisturizing foundation!

Flower Story

Story of the Honeysuckle: The Raw Ingredient in the Aqua Glow Ball

Since the old days, the honeysuckle has been considered more valuable than gold or silver and has been enjoyed as tea or alcohol.

Containing the strong life force that stays green and does not wither away in the winter, Aqua Glow Ball gives consistency to the skin condition, keeping it hydrated long after makeup is applied.

The moisturizer in the Glow Ball mixes with the fine pearl ingredient to create glowing make-up that looks deeply moisturized.

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