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Big Eye Long&Curl Mascara

Lengthens and curls each lash without clumping!

빅아이 롱앤컬 마스카라
  • Separation brush for curling and lengthening

    Also known as the “Bon Bon Brush,” this innovative brush is great for separating each hair of the lashes while adding volume to create beautiful looking lashes

  • Clean and sharp lengthening and curling effect

    AP Sleek Lash Technology (high-adherence & high-strength wax system) used for clean application + strong curling effect. Oil painting framework used to reduce surface friction for a smooth reapplication

  • Smudge proof formula with excellent consistency

    Contains high fusion, wax film structure and high-consistency film membrane to double the resistance to sweat and oiliness from sebum(waterproof, sebum proof)


  • 반전 브러쉬

    “Twist Brush”

    Spiky brush made of firm material (black) and soft material (white) are assembled in an alternating order to give the brush a twist. As a result, the brush allows the mascara formula to go on smoothly to each hair of the lashes and perfectly separates them to create clean, curled lashes free of clumps

    H(Hard) : The black part of the brush is made of firm material to support the lashes. Perfect for curling, lengthening, and separating the lashes

    S(Soft) : The white part of the brush is made of soft material to hold in the content of the mascara and smoothly apply the content onto the lashes

Flower Arc
  • 플라워 아크

    Flower Arc refers to the technology that allows a lash arc line to be created. The arc line looks like stamens floating in the air with each lash angled to look perfectly natural. The flower arc is composed of a mascara brush optimized for application close to the lashes and mascara content formulated specifically for volumizing/curling. The technology is distinguished between “Flower Volume Arc” and “Flower Curl Arc” and the technology realizes the end benefits of the Big Eye Volume Lash Mascara and the Big Eye Long & Curl Mascara.


Big Eye Long & Curl Mascara Direction Shot
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