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Big Eye Volume Lash Mascara

Creates voluminous lashes that fan out smoothly and fully like stamen!

빅아이 볼륨래쉬 마스카라
  • Cream Blossom Formula

    The cream formula technology creates a moisturizing layer for moisturized, voluminous lashes. Mascara goes on fluffy and creamy for a more intense volume with each coat

  • Flower Volume ArcTechnology 

    Creates flexible, soft membranes so the lashes do not clump but stay clean with added volume, even when the brush is stroked repeatedly, and flaking reduced

  • Natural Volumizing Color

    Composed of natural colors (black, brown) that go well with natural hair colors for natural, voluminous lashes


  • 01 블랙

    01 Black

  • 02 브라운

    02 Brown


  • 반전 브러쉬

    “Curl Brush”

    ① Length of the hair (short structure)
    : Creates Flower Volume Arc™

    Allows the mascara content to go on close to the lashes, and because a relatively strong force is delivered to the lashes during application, the Flower Volume Arc is created effectively in just a few strokes.

    ② Hair mix (Thick hair + thin hair)
    : Glides through the lashes and pulls up each lash.

    Effectively brushes between the lashes (separation). The brush also pulls up the lashes at its ends, and this action allows the volume mascara formula to glide on even though ineffective application usually leads to the clumping and smudging of the mascara. The brush helps to create voluminous lashes that are also clean and natural.

Flower Arc
  • 플라워 아크

    Flower Arc refers to the technology that allows a lash arc line to be created. The arc line looks like stamens floating in the air with each lash angled to look perfectly natural. The flower arc is composed of a mascara brush optimized for application close to the lashes and mascara content formulated specifically for volumizing/curling. The technology is distinguished between “Flower Volume Arc” and “Flower Curl Arc” and the technology realizes the end benefits of the Big Eye Volume Lash Mascara and the Big Eye Long & Curl Mascara.

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