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(SPF 34/PA++)

A cushion that provides a smooth coverage for skin problems and
unevenness to create the look of firm and hydrated skin with a healthy glow

브라이트닝 커버 파우더 쿠션
  • Coverage that smoothes out uneven skin

    The product’s texture, high in nourishment, calms down dead skin cells and rough texture and smoothly covers the flaws and fine lines of the skin

  • The look of naturally firm, healthy, glowing skin

    Deep hydration and nourishment is delivered to dry and tired looking skin to create firm, glowing, healthy looking skin

  • Makeup with long-lasting hydration by locking in moisture

    Hibiscus ceramide moisture ampouleTM creates a closely knit layer of moisture to keep the skin hydrated for a long time!


건조한 피부를 위한 무궁 보습 커버! NEW  브라이트닝 커버 앰플 쿠션
건조한 피부를 위한 무궁 보습 커버! NEW  브라이트닝 커버 앰플 쿠션
건조한 피부를 위한 무궁 보습 커버! NEW  브라이트닝 커버 앰플 쿠션

Puff Features

The porous, petal-mimicking puff holds particles that provide moisturizing coverage for better
moisture and coveragewith each tap.
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Beautifully brighten skin by one shade vs. Naturally brighten skin by half a shade!

Choose a color based on how much lighter you want your skin to look.

  • 체크 아이콘

    Pink base – Brightens skin by one shade

Inspired by the color of peach blossoms, beautiful pink base color exclusive to Mamonde

  • 17호 라이트 피치 컬러 사진

    No. 17 Light Peach

  • 21C호 미디엄 피치  컬러 사진

    No. 21C Medium Peach

  • 23C호 내추럴 피치드  컬러 사진

    No. 23C Natural Peach

  • 체크 아이콘

    Yellow base – Brightens skin by half a shade

Made for clean coverage, bright and natural color exclusive to Mamonde

  • 21N호 미디엄 베이지  컬러 사진

    No. 21N Medium Beige

  • 23N호 내추럴 베이지  컬러 사진

    No. 23N Natural Beige


When applied on skin that used No.21 foundation (individual differences may exist)

17호 라이트 피치, 21C호 미디엄 피치, 21N호 미디엄 베이지, 23C호 내추럴 피치, 23N호 내추럴 베이지(색상비교)


When the Brightening Cover Ampoule Cushion is applied over skin with only toner and emulsion (individual differences may exist)
  • 체크 아이콘

    Provides a clean coverage, hiding blemishes and acne scars

  • 체크 아이콘

    Creates naturally firm, healthy looking skin that glows

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