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Mamonde Brownie Series Perfect Toned
Autumn Lip Makeup Released

크리미 틴트 컬러 밤 인텐스 제품과 내용물의 질감을 표현한 배경을 함께 연출한 이미지컷
Creamy Tint Color Balm
& Highlight Lip Tint

#Brownie #Perfectly toned autumn lip makeup

Perfectly toned autumn lip makeup with brown chili shades
that suit anything from cool to warm undertones

크리미 틴트 컬러 밤 인텐스 제품 10종과 내용물 사용 사진을 크레용처럼 연출한 이미지컷
크리미 틴트 컬러 밤 인텐스 제품 10종과 내용물 사용 사진을 크레용처럼 연출한 이미지컷

Perfect Toned
Autumn Color PICK

Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense

  • NO.31 Chili Pepper

    A drop of pink added to Red Pepper, great on both cool and warm undertone

    NO.31 Chili Pepper
  • NO.32 Red Brownie

    Red-brown shade in between red and orange to brighten the look of skin

    NO.32 Red Brownie
  • NO.33 Chili Rose

    This autumn’s best coral shade with a modern mood

    NO.33 Chili Rose

Highlight Lip Tint Velvet

  • NO.11 Red Pepper

    The lip tint version of Red Pepper, the holy grail MLBB shade

    NO.11 Red Pepper
  • NO.12 Coral Filter

    Added with a sense of ‘newtro’ to intensify the mood and brighten the look of skin

    NO.12 Coral Filter

Completely Refreshed
NEW Highlight Lip Tint Velvet

크리미 틴트 컬러 밤 인텐스 제품과 제품 내용물 사용컷을 크레용처럼 연출한 이미지컷

Presents a mattifying, velvety lip makeup
with a soft and lightweight
spreadability and without dryness.

#Matte and soft #Velvet blurring

Velvet lips that stay matte
and soft from the beginning to end

NO.11 Red Pepper


NO.12 Coral Filter

Velvet lips free from
inner dryness and flakiness
Intense color that
stays like fresh makeup

Pick the color
that suits your skin!

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