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Color Tone Up Base
(SPF 35 / PA ++)

A makeup base that corrects skin imperfections
and beautifully brightens up the skin,
while also preparing the skin to take the makeup well

Covers imperfections, brightens, enhances adherence!
“3UP! Makeup Base”

컬러 톤업 베이스
  • Skin imperfection coverage ability enhanced by color correctors

    Mamonde color optimizing powder component perfectly corrects uneven skin imperfections and creates a smooth, even skin tone.

  • Skin tone beautifully brightened with just a single touch!

    Petal-mimicking bloom up light powder, which effectively reflects light, creates a beautiful skin tone. The base contains “magnolia” flower bud to take care of and brighten up skin.

  • Prepares skin for makeup and enhances the adherence of makeup!

    The base fits closely and lightly on the skin and enhances the adherence and consistency of foundation and prepares the skin so its condition is perfect for makeup application.

Ingredient Features

꽃잎 모사의 블룸업 라이트 파우더

Bloom up light powderreflects light in all directions (360º) and creates a sleek skin texture and a bright skin tone.


The base contains magnolia flower bud to take care of and brighten up skin.


Color Tone Up Base Color
  • 01 그린

    01 Green

    Makeup base with a hint of green corrects skin concerns, redness, and others to create a beautifully bright skin tone.

  • 02 퍼플

    02 Purple

    Makeup base with a hint of purple corrects the yellowness and dullness of the skin to create a beautifully bright skin tone.


Color Solution According to Skin Concerns

01 Green

그린-Before(톤보정 전)/After(톤보정 후) 비교사진
  • Skin looks blotchy from redness and other skin concerns
  • The area around the nose is very sunken and lacks vitality
  • Even after applying makeup, skin looks red in the afternoon.

02 퍼플

퍼플-Before(톤보정 전)/After(톤보정 후) 비교사진
  • Skin looks dull from yellowness and other skin concerns.
  • The area around the lips look dull and lacks energy.
  • Even after applying makeup, the skin looks pale in the afternoon.
Makeup Tip!
그린과 퍼플 두 가지 컬러 조합 예시 모습

If you are experiencing both redness and yellowness, use both colors for correction. You can create a more perfect looking skin.


  • 01 손가락 끝을 이용해 양 볼과 이마, 턱 네 부위에 나눠 주세요.

    Use the edges of the fingers to apply the product on both of the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

  • 02 양 볼, 이마, 턱 순으로 얼굴 안쪽에서 바깥 쪽으로 펴 발라주세요.

    In the order of cheeks, forehead, and chin, spread the product from inside of the face towards the outside.

  • 03 손바닥으로 얼굴 전체를 가볍게 두드려 밀착력을 높여주세요.

    Increase adherence by lightly tapping the entire face using your hands

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