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Powder compact with powder made of fine particles which fixes the makeup
brilliantly and transparently onto the face to create smooth, soft looking skin

코튼 베일 파우더 팩트
  • Makeup fixed through sebum care

    Powder of fine particles takes care of excessive sebum and fixes the makeup brilliantly and transparently

  • Smooth and comfortable finish that does not feel tight on the skin

    Fine particles of the powder meticulously fills in the grooves on the skin for a smooth and soft looking finish

  • Anywhere that is oily!
    An all-around powder that captures sebum

    Capture oiliness and stay matted!
    The all-around powder compact can be used in various ways anywhere oiliness is a concern

Usage Tip

How to get 100% out of the Cotton Veil Power & Compact

01. Tap in the crevices beside the nose where makeup easily rubs off

파우더 사용 사진

02. Tap on an oily T-zone

사용전, 사용후 모델 사진

03. Tap on the cheeks where the hair sticks

사용전, 사용후 모델 사진

04. Tap on the bangs that becomes oily by the afternoon

사용전, 사용후 모델 사진

05. Tap before applying on lip makeup to enhance color & consistency

step1 입술 사용 사진, step2 입술 립스틱 사용 사진

06. Tap around the eyes to prevent eye makeup from smudging due to oil

파우더 미사용, 파우서더 사용 비교 사진

※ This beauty tip was provided by the beauty blogger DamS. (Source: BY. DamS)

Direct Cut

목화 베일을 두른 듯 가볍게, 화사하게, 오래오래 / 마몽드 코튼 베일 메이크업 모델과 제품 사진

※ We would like to correct a prior error in the description of the Mamonde Cotton Veil Pact regarding the amount of cotton extract it contains. (10 ppm → 6 ppm)

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