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(SPF 50+/PA+++)

The primer contains cotton extract and has a refreshing and hydrating texture.
It creates transparent, brilliant looking skin and enhances the adherence and consistency of the makeup

코튼 베일 프라이머 (SPF 50+/PA+++)
  • Corrects skin tone and makes it more transparent and bright

    Fine illuminators correct dull skin tone to make it look more clear and transparent Adds natural light to the skin to create beautiful skin look

  • Feels refreshing and hydrated, and enhances the adherence & consistency of makeup

    Emulsion-like texture immediately feels hydrated and refreshing to the skin. An ideal base makeup that enhances the adherence and consistency of makeup

  • Contains cotton extract that protects the skin

    The base contains cotton extract which helps reduce moisture loss and stress for the skin It protects the skin which can easily be weakened by the environment


Choose the color according to your skin concern and get a brilliant skin tone anywhere & anytime.
  • 01호 라일락 퍼플
    01호 라일락 퍼플

    No. 01 Lilac Purple

    Vivid Lilac Shine

    Neutralizes the yellowness in the skin tone to make your skin shine and clear even in a dimly lit place.

  • 02호 베이지 로즈
    02호 베이지 로즈

    No. 02 Beige Rose

    Brilliant Rose Shine

    Neutralizes uneven skin tone to make dull and fatigued looking skin rejuvenated and bright.

  • 03호 화이트 피치
    03호 화이트 피치

    No. 03 White Peach

    Sleek Peachy Shine

    Smoothes out skin texture and gives it a sheen to boost the brightness of the skin tone by one shade.

Direct Cut

목화 베일을 두른 듯 가볍게, 화사하게, 오래오래 (마몽드 코튼 베일 메이크업)/ 모델과 제품 사진

※ We would like to correct a prior error in the description of the Mamonde Cotton Veil Primer regarding the amount of cotton extract it contains. (5000 ppm → 3000 ppm)

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