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(SPF 30/PA+++)

A powder compact that goes on light while providing a full coverage
and creates smooth, sleek, glowing skin look

커버 핏 파우더 팩트
  • Perfect coverage that does not clump even when layered

    Double cover powder provides a thorough coverage and creates a smooth skin look with a texture that does not clump even when it is applied in layers

  • Fits on the skin perfectly like a second skin while feeling moisturized

    Oil coating powder, with its superb adherence ability, closely adheres to the skin while feeling moisturized

  • Makeup stays on for a long time

    By controlling excessive oil, the product stays matted for a long time

Ingredient Features

Secret of the powder compact that goes on light while providing a full coverage and keeps the skin looking sleek for a long time

1. Double cover powder used for a thorough coverage

Flexible, ball-shaped powder provides a fine coverage for the pores Flat-shaped powder which provides coverage over large areas goes over the ball-shaped powder for a double-layered coverage

2. Oil coating powder provides hydration and adhesive application

Oil coating powder has superior strength to adhere to the skin and adds gloss. The powder allows a close, hydrating application with a comfortable finish

3. Petal-mimicking bloom up light powder TM provides a sleek, beautiful coverage

꽃잎 모사의 블룸업 라이트 파우더

Bloom up light powderTM reflects light in all directions (360º) creates a sleek skin texture and a bright skin tone.


  • 21호 내츄럴 베이지

    No. 21 Natural Beige

  • 23호 샌드 베이지

    No. 23 Sand Beige


Befor(스킨, 로션만 바른 상태 트러블과 붉은 기 있는 얼굴표면)→ 1회도포(트러블과 붉은 기가 가려진 얼굴표면)→ 2회도포(결점없이 환해진 얼굴표면)

Double cover powder allows natural looking skin with no clumps or flakes, even when layered
* Based on internal testing (individual differences may exist)


Using the puff, take an appropriate amount of the product and apply a light layer by tapping the puff all over the face. Apply in more detail around the creases.

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