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Lip liner that creates vivid lips with a velvety soft texture

크리미 컬러 립 라이너
  • Superior consistency that lasts for a long time

    Color instantly adheres closely to the skin to maintain a vivid lip line for a long time

  • Application that is both moisturizing and soft

    Creamy texture makes the shape of the lips look natural and goes on soft

  • Vivid color that also looks natural

    High-definition, full coverage lip liner creating vivid and natural looking lips just with a single touch!


Creamy Color Lip Liner Color
  • 01 더 히비스커스

    No. 01 The Hibiscus

  • 02 더 브라운

    No. 02 The Brown

  • 03 더 로즈

    No. 03 The Rose

Makeup Tips

How to Use
  • 01 손가락 끝을 이용해 양 볼과 이마, 턱 네 부위에 나눠 주세요.

    Draw an “X” at the center of the top lip

  • 02 양 볼, 이마, 턱 순으로 얼굴 안쪽에서 바깥 쪽으로 펴 발라주세요.

    Mark the lowest point on the bottom lip

  • 03 손바닥으로 얼굴 전체를 가볍게 두드려 밀착력을 높여주세요.

    Connect the two anchoring lines and fully draw the lip line

Apply lipstick or lip tint within the lip line to create exquisite, voluminous looking lips

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