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Essential sunscreen with
zero stickiness

Everyday Sun Stick

Everyday Sun Stick image


Face & body sun stick to protect the skin
from strong UV rays and particulate matter

Everyday Sun Stick image
#Calendula_extract #Cotton_extract #Madecassoside
  • 1

    Calendula Complex soothes sun-damaged skin

  • 2

    Enhanced PA level for better protection
    of the skin against external irritants

  • 3

    Curved stick for easy application on broad/curvy areas

  • Powerful UV Protection #Pigmentation #Skin aging PA++++ Higher PA level to prevent skin aging
  • Easy application #Covering large areas #Curved shape Completely covering the entire face without having to spread several times
Soft, light and non-greasy feel
even after reapplication

Compact easy-to-carry-around sunscreen that feels light,
fresh without clumping even when applied on top of makeup

Triple protection
for complete sun care everyday

Triple protection

UV rays
Effective protection
against UVA and UVB,
the cause of skin aging
Skin dryness
Calendular flower extract and madecassoside together help soothe and keep the skin feeling moisturized
Particulate matter
Cotton extract
soothing the skin

Key ingredient Calendula Complex	™

  • Calendula flower extract
    Protecting the skin
    against harmful
    external irritants
  • Madecassoside
    Soothing the skin
    irritated by strong
    UV rays

Sun stick to protect the skin
from UV rays and particulate matter

(tested for protection against particulate matter; relieving the skin
from irritation in the summer)

Everyday Sun Line

Everyday Sun Line image
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    SPF 50+ PA++++Everyday
    Aqua Sun Cream
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    SPF 35+ PA++Everyday
    Tone Up Sun Base(Dermatologist tested)
  • Everyday Sun Stick image
    SPF 50+ PA++++Everyday
    Sun Stick(Dermatologist tested)
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