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A flower aged vinegar serum with honeysuckle that boosts
the skin with moisture and firmness from the inside out.

Functional product for wrinkle improvement and brightening

  • The first essence that is used right after cleansing, which is the step when good skin is determined.

  • The rich, nourishing serum formula is best used for dry skin or in seasons with cold winds such as fall or winter.

  • A boosting serum that achieves tight, smooth, and glowing skin from the inside out with impeccable firmness.


3 Upgrades in the Flower Aged Vinegar

1. Increased Fermentation Time: More antioxidants were produced by increasing the fermentation time from
60 days → 1 year

In the flower aged vinegar serum that was perfected over a long 1-year period of waiting after enduring through the 4 seasons of spring, summer, fall, and winter, antioxidants have become even more abundant during the extended fermentation time, resulting in improved effects for skin firmness.

Increased Fermentation Time
Increased Fermentation Time

2. Increase in New Ingredients: Added Lactobacillus Ferments from Honeysuckles

Mamonde has researched the surface of flowers by focusing on the natural principles of flower fermentation. At the end of observing honeysuckles that change from white to yellow, we discovered a type of lactobacillus in this special flower.

3. Increased Flower Aged Vinegar Content: Increased flower aged vinegar content in place of water

Contains 81.31% lactobacillus ferments from honeysuckle and 1-year aged flower vinegar


Boosting Essence for Each Skin Type

Choose the right boosting essence for your skin type starting from the first step after cleansing!

Your skin type is the first thing you should consider for the most healthy way to take care of your skin immediately after cleansing.
That’s because the factors that your skin needs differ according to sebum and hydration.
If you have an oily or combination skin type, where your face feels greasy and dry at the same time, you need to fully hydrate your skin with a water-type product.
Those with dry skin that lacks both water and oil must moisturize their skin using a serum-type product.

Boosting Essence for Each Skin Type
Boosting Essence for Each Skin Type

Beauty Instructions

Special Beauty Instructions

Firm up your skin with the special care method shown below about 1-2 times a week!

<Firming Massage Method>

Take about twice the amount of First Energy Essence or Serum that you normally use and put it on your face, then massage as shown below.

  • 01
    Firm up your skin 1
    Firm up your skin 1

    Use the area of the palm below your thumb.

  • 02
    Firm up your skin 2
    Firm up your skin 2

    Place your hands in the concaving area under your cheeks. Use the area of the palm below your thumb to push and massage while drawing small circles. Repeat about 10 times.

  • 03
    Firm up your skin 3
    Firm up your skin 3

    Use the area of the your palm under the thumb to push up on your face as if to lift you cheeks, and pull your face up along your face line.

Flower Story

Story of the Honeysuckle, The Ingredient Behind the First Energy Serum
  • A Flower More Precious than Gold or Silver

    A Flower More Precious than Gold or Silver

    Honeysuckle was regarded as more precious than gold or silver during ancient times, and was sometimes used as a tea or alcoholic beverage. It has a strong vitality that enables it to stay alive and maintain its green leaves even throughout the winter.

  • Naturally Fermented Vinegar

    Naturally Fermented Vinegar

    The skin beautification method using naturally fermented vinegar has been used as a folk remedy since long ago. In the 19th century, vinegar beauty water was popular among European women in the high society as a method for clear skin.

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