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Fully hydrated skin like having
an ampoule massage every day

Floral Hydro Ampoule Toner

floral hydro ampoule toner image

offering hydration that’s on another level

Floral Ampoule Toner

Hydrating ampoule toner that replenishes dry skin
with moisture equivalent to the level of daily ampoule use

floral hydro ampoule toner image
  • 1

    Ampoule toner with transforming texture

  • 2

    Narcissus bulb having the capability of storing
    and circulating water

  • 3

    Low molecular hyaluronic acid for deep hydration

Special moisturizing benefits from narcissus bulb
Mamonde the remarkable skin moisturizing solution from Narcissus Dutch Master with two special capabilities: the water storage capability to keep water in its bulb throughout the long winter to stay freshly bloomed until the early summer and the water circulating capability to put forth several flowers from single floral axis

토너 바르는 것만으로도 매일 앰플로 수분 관리한 듯 촉촉하게

  • Narcissus bulb extract
    Enhanced hydration with the capability of
    narcissus bulb to retain and circulate moisture
  • Low molecular hyaluronic acid
    Deep and dense hydration through the
    finely processed low molecular hyaluronic acid!

Mamonde Water Cycle TM
Long-lasting hydration! Moisturizing energy of the
narcissus keeps your skin moisturized longer.
  1. step1 Moisture

    The formula turns into water on
    the skin to instantly
    deliver moisture
    into the stratum corneum.

  2. step2 Moisture

    Aquaporin extracted from
    the Narcissus Erlicheer bulb
    delivers moisture deeply
    and thoroughly into the skin.

  3. step3  Moisture

    The extract from the Narcissus
    Dutch Master bulb

    helps skin to retain
    moisture without evaporation.

Transforming texture
that turns into water on the skin

Experience the daily moisturizing care.

Floral Hydro Line

Floral Hydro Line
From Mamonde Garden
Better to be with
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