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Cream corrector that clearly corrects uneven skin tones

하이 커버 크림 코렉터 이미지 컷
  • Appear firmer with a
    cream balm type!
    #sticker coverage!

    Balm-type corrector with a firm texture that that perfectly covers skin flaws, such as dark circles and redness

  • Weightless!
    #zero-layer corrector!

    A thin zero-layer texture that corrects the skin tone of the sensitive and thin skin around the eyes without creasing!

  • Choose according to
    different skin tones
    #skin tone corrector!

    Choose the right color for your skin concerns from complementary colors that visibly correct dark circles, redness and yellowish tones!

Complete test

Covers dark circles
마몽드 하이 커버 크림 코렉터 다크서클 커버 이미지
Covers redness around the lips and nose
마몽드 하이 커버 크림 코렉터 입가, 코 옆 붉은기 커버 이미지
A thin texture that is clog-free on pores

Tips for perfect coverage

How to use the corrector to brighten the skin tone

Visibly correct a reddish tone with green, and dark circles and
dull skin around the lips with peach

How to use concealer

Use the concealer after correcting skin tones and
flaws with the corrector for more effective coverage

Top secret! Tips to cover neck wrinkles!

Cover neck wrinkles with a mix of peach corrector + concealer!


  • 01호 포슬린 피치

    No.01 Porcelain Peach

  • 02호 미디엄 피치

    No.02 Medium Peach

  • 03호 뉴트럴 그린

    No.03 Neutral Green

Colors on arm
01호 포슬린 피치, 02호 미디엄 피치, 03호 뉴트럴 그린, 01호 로즈 바닐라, 02호 소프트 베이지, 03호 딥 베이지 팔뚝 발색
  • No.01 Porcelain Peach

  • No.02 Medium Peach

  • No.03 Neutral Green

  • No.01 Rose Vanilla

  • No.02 Soft Beige

  • No.03 Deep Beige

Package features

Multi-use container to carry around multiple colors at once

Can find it right away even in a cluttered makeup bag

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