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(SPF 34/PA++)

Keep liquid foundation fresh anywhere, anytime!
Cushion for the smoothest, most perfect looking makeup

하이 커버 쿠션 퍼펙트 리퀴드(SPF 34/PA++) 이미지 컷
  • Synergy coverage for
    a flawless finish

    Makeup is flawless thanks to finer cover powder made with Fine Pixel Cover technology and the reflecting effect of the Volume Up Light Powder

  • Makeup that stays close to the skin
    with a smooth and
    glowing finish

    Glow and shine with the Hydro Coating LiquidCover! Puff made of soft material makes makeup stay to the skin to look smooth and flawless!

  • Airtight packaging keeps the
    foundation fresh!

    Liquid foundation in an airtight package to retain its color!
    More convenient than foundation and more exquisite than cushion!


Cushion with liquid foundation contained in an airtight package for smooth and fresh looking makeup anywhere, anytime
하이 커버 쿠션 퍼펙트 리퀴드(SPF 34/PA++) 제품
Point 1. Fine Pixel Cover Technology for a detailed coverage
제조 공정 상에서 바로 투입한 커버 기존의 하이 커버 쿠션 퍼펙트 리퀴드 파우더. 1000배 확대

[ 기존의 공정 ]

롤밀 기계에 넣어 곱게 분쇄한 후 투입한 새로운 하이 커버 쿠션 퍼펙트 리퀴드의 파우더. 1000배 확대

[ 파인 픽셀 커버 도입 ]

Instead of adding the cover powder in the middle of the manufacturing process, which is the previous method, a new technique to add the cover powder after it has been pulverized into fine powder using roll mills was introduced. As a result, we were able to make a product that not only applies smoothly, but also provides exquisite coverage.

Point 2. Bloom Up Light Power reflects light for flawless makeup
하이 커버 쿠션 퍼펙트 리퀴드에 내장되어 있는 블룸업 라이트 파우더 1500배 확대, 6000배 확대

The Bloom Up Light Powdersup > was designed to look like flower petals to reflect light in all directions (360°) to minimize the appearance of pigmentation, freckles, and blemishes for sleek, bright-looking makeup.

Point 3. Pores and unevenness minimized for a smooth look

Round-shaped silica powder and silicone gel fill the pores and grooves in the skin and lights up to minimize the look of pores and unevenness for smoother looking skin.

Point 4. Soft puff sticks closely to the skin! Creates sleek looking makeup

Puff made of soft material bends to fit around the curves of the face and sticks to the skin for sleek looking makeup

Lighting Test

When High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid is applied on the skin with only toner and emulsion (individual differences may apply)
마몽드 하이 커버 쿠션 퍼펙트 리퀴드 사용 근접 gif
Coverage Test

When High Cover Cushion Perfect Liquid is applied on the skin with only toner and emulsion (individual differences may apply)

  • Covers minor blemishes and acne scars so complete the daily makeup for the skin with only the cushion!
  • [ Before ]

    [ After ]

  • High coverage, just as its name suggests! Covers redness from acne!
  • [ Before ]

    [ After ]

    Glowing, natural-looking makeup complete!

    Hydro Coating Liquid developed from Preserved Flower Technology gives a glow and shine to the makeup, and the combination of film forming material and moisturizing ingredients form a barrier over the skin to give a shiny, hydrated-looking finish to the makeup.

    Moisture Test

    Say NO to dehydrating cover makeup! Daily coverage that is not dehydrating!

    [ Before ]

    [ After ]

    Sleek coverage without tightness and dehydration is possible.

    Stickiness Test

    Say NO to hydrating but sticky makeup! Semi-matted texture that is not sticky!

    Semi-matted texture feels hydrating without feeling sticky, making daily use possible.

    Makeup that holds against the sweat and sebum of summer

    The makeup has been tested in a sauna for its resistance against sweat and sebum!

    Makeup holds against sweat

    Makeup is long-lasting.

    • · Participants : 20 women
    • · Surveyor : Ellead Co.
    • · Time of Response : Right
    • · Research Conditions : 20 mins at 40⁰C → 20 mins rest → 20 mins at 40⁰C → Product Evaluation
    Real Use Video

    Package Features

    More convenient than foundation! More exquisite than cushion!

    Airtight packaging keeps the foundation fresh!

    The airtight packaging minimizes the contained foundation’s contact with air to prevent the foundation from changing color and to maintain the color it had immediately after production.

    More convenient than foundation, more exquisite than cushion!

    Liquid foundation is contained in an airtight package so it can be easily carried around, and the combination of the mesh and airless pump, which discharges an appropriate amount,makes it easy to control the amount of the foundation compared to existing cushions.

    Applicator Features

    Use the Flower Petal Brush for a clean, glowing look (※ Sold separately)

    The brush gently brushes over and fills in the pores, grooves, and fine lines of the face using its 200 thousand bristles for smooth, nearly perfect looking makeup.

    Use the Flower Petal-Shaped Puff for easy touch-ups around the necessary areas(※ Included)

    The pointed tip of the puff makes it easier to apply makeup to the areas requiring frequent touch-ups, such as crevices around the nose and the areas around the eyes and mouth.


    • 17호 로즈 아이보리

      No. 17 Rose Ivory

    • 21호  아이보리

      No. 21 Ivory

    • 23호 베이지

      No. 23 Beige

    Color Test

    * When applied to skin that used No. 21 foundation (individual differences may apply)

    17호 로즈 아이보리, 21호 아이보리, 23호 베이지 21호 피부톤에 발색
    17호 로즈 아이보리, 21호 아이보리, 23호 베이지 21호 피부톤에 발색
    • No. 17 Rose Ivory

    • No. 21 Ivory

    • No. 23 Beige

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