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-7℃, an instant skin cooling effect

24H Ice Rose Water Toner

24H Ice Rose Water Toner

Saying non-sense to non-freeze?

#24-hour non-frost #ArcticToner #IceToner

Freeze-to-use rose water toner
for simultaneous soothing,
brightening and moisturizing
just like a sheet mask

24H Ice Rose Water Toner
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    A whole new innovation created using the
    Ice Moisture Blending technology which stays unfrozen
    for 24 hours at temperatures of -18℃ to -20℃.

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    Skip all the heavy textures and complications!
    One simple toner with sheet mask benefits finishes your skincare routine throughout the summer.

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    From spot care to excess sebum control!
    One-stop solution for your summer skin concerns to enjoy clear and bright skin.

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    Rose Water Toner, a perfect summer’s choice
    enhanced with 7 times the moisturizing and brightening ingredients of the original.

Ice Rose Water Toner Freeze-to-use rose water for tired skin in the summer  #Arctic_Toner / Only Summer -7℃, an instant skin cooling effect/Soothing&moisturizing flushed skin/Darkening spot care
Why keep it at below-zero temperature?

The ideal skin temperature is
around 30℃

Under the intense sunlight of the summer,
the skin temperature may rise up to over 40℃
and may cause the following symptoms.

  • Loss of skin

  • Dull skin,
    dark spots

  • Breakouts
    induced by
    excess sebum

Mamonde created 24H Ice Rose Water Toner,
a new formula that stays unfrozen for
24 hours using the Ice Moisture Blending technology,
which uses a perfect ratio of minerals and
moisturizing ingredients based on an extended
study on maintaining the ideal skin temperature.

  • Skin soothing and firming,
    all in one go
    This toner lowers the skin
    temperature to soothe the skin
    that has been exposed to heat
    and sweat and tightens pores
    to regain bounce.
  • Hydration to balance
    the oil and moisture levels
    The formula balances the oil and
    moisture levels by replenishing
    moisture in skin that becomes
    oily on the outside but dehydrated
    on the inside in the summer.
  • Skin clearing and brightening with a brightening formula
    Niacinamide brightens skin darkened
    by UV light from the sun while
    mint leaf extract controls excessively produced sebum.
  • 7 FREE
    animal ingredients, mineral oil,
    polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea,
    triethanolamine, silicone oil,
    synthetic color

Numbers verify
the actual benefits

instanta skin cooling effect -7℃ / Decrease in redness induced by external irritation 5.4%

[Testing on the skin cooling effect]

  • before
  • after

-7℃, an instant skin cooling effect

  • 90% - My skin doesn't feel tight.
  • 90% - My skin feels hydrated.
  • 93.3% - My skin feels cooled down.
  • 86.7% - My tired skin feels soothed.
  • 86.7% - My skin becomes moisturized as if having used a sheet mask.

※Satisfaction Survey

◎ Agency : P&K Skin Research Center

◎ Subject : 30 women aged between 20-49

◎ Period : 2019.03.25-2019.03.29

Refreshing and dewy formula

containing over 20%
moisturizing ingredients

24H Ice Rose Water Toner Texture
Watery, refreshing and lightweight
Dewy, like wearing a coat of
moisturizing barrier


After cleansing, take out the toner
stored in the freezer and take out
an adequate amount on a cotton pad.
Wipe along the skin's texture.

(Using the toner at room temperature is fine,
but it is advised to freeze the product before
use to experience the maximum benefit.)


Dampen a cotton pad with the toner
and put it on the area to be soothed
or brightened for 5-10 minutes to enjoy
a greater effect.

# Try using in these situations

When the skin is flushed after an outdoor activity
or a vacation and needs to be soothed.

When you want intensive care for your dull skin
with spots darkened by UV rays.

When you want to moisturize and relax your tired skin.


The formula may develop frost or completely freeze
when stored in the freezer for longer than 24 hours.
If the formula has to be shaken several times
to be released or doesn’t come out due to freezing,
melt at room temperature for a while before use.

When exposed to room temperature after storing
in the freezer, water drops may develop on the surface
of the container due to thermal differences.

The container may be broken or damaged
when impacted immediately after taking out
from the freezer.

mamonde x everland resort
Tete de Belle

The scent jointly
developed with Everland

A new scent created from Tete de Belle,
a rose variety developed by Everland with
Mamonde's fragrance extraction technology.
Meet the special scent of rose created by
the collaboration between Mamonde and
Everland with 24H Ice Rose Water Toner.


"This product is so ingenious
that I have so many questions to ask!"
  • It is stored at below-zero temperature.
    Doesn't it cause skin irritation when it's too cold?

    24H Ice Rose Toner is developed to be mild on the skin. Unlike simple ice, the formula does not become
    completely frozen in the freezer. It quickly takes away
    the heat from the skin then finds a state of equilibrium.

  • Can I keep my other cosmetics in the freezer?

    Typically, cosmetics are not designed to be frozen. Some products may have problems in the repeated process of freezing and defrosting, such as separating components. We advise you to use products that are initially designed to be stored in the freezer.

  • What happens if I forgot to put the product
    back in the freezer and left it in the room?

    Ok, Ice Rose Toner is designed to have no problems during temporary defrost. It can also be used after
    storing at both room temperature and in the refrigerator.
    To experience greater benefits for your skin problems
    in the summer, we advise you to use it after storing it in the freezer.

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