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Shower and care for the skin at the same time!

IN SHOWER MASK, picture of female model taking shower
  • Body & face care at the same time

    Reduces time used for skin care & allows time to be used more efficiently

  • Patented sheet maximizes
    the skin’s absorption of the formula

    • Sheet adherence & sealing effect – Delivery of active ingredients enhanced, excellent treatment effect in a short time
    • Steam and heat occurring naturally in the shower helps absorption
  • Ultra hydrating & nourishing mask

    • Immersed in high viscosity formula
    • Contains ingredient patented and recorded in the SCI journal

Product Line

  • 인샤워 마스크 - 촉촉광 (리브-온 타입)
    Dewy Glow (Leave-On Type)
    Mask leaves the skin moisturized by steam shower opening pores and a dual-sheet mask helps the formula to absorb quickly
    Ultra hydrating & nourishing mask & steam towel effect Independently developed ceramide strengthens the skin moisture barrier Continuous hydration thanks to a double-layer moisture barrier Key ingredients: Hibiscus extract & PC-104 & Amino acid complex
  • 인샤워 마스크 - 매끈광 (워시-오프 타입)
    Smooth Glow (Wash-Off Type))
    Mask that leaves the skin more smooth with the help of steam shower opening pores and exfoliating
    Ultra hydrating & nourishing mask & steam towel effect Removes dead skin cells for smoother, clearer-looking skin Removes impurities and dust from pores Key ingredients: Eoseongcho powder & Mume extract extract & Amino acid complex

Hibiscus Extract

IN SHOWER MASK [Moisturizing] : Strengthens damaged skin moisture barrier!
  • Hibiscus

    Extract of the hibiscus, which blooms up to 5,000 flowers in 100 days with its powerful tenacity, provides a rich moisturizing effect, strengthens the skin moisture barrier, and protects the skin from the harmful environment.

  • PC-104

    The component was developed after over 20 years of research by the company, and we used a high amount of ceramide for a rich moisturizing effect.

  • Amino Acid

    It has a similar ratio as the amino acid components in dead skin cells. Provides nourishment and hydration to the skin.

Illust of Damaged Skin moisture Barrier by External Irritant

[Damaged Skin moisture Barrier]

Illust of Strong Skin moisture Barrier

[Strong Skin moisture Barrier]

IN SHOWER MASK [Exfoliating] : Cleans right down to the pores
  • Eoseongcho

    Eoseongcho has a disinfecting power 40,000-times stronger than regular antibiotics. It soothes the skin, removes impurities even from the pores, and removes dead skin cells (nature-derived Eoseongcho used).

  • Mume

    The patented ingredient has an excellent power to improve the skin’s condition affected by dead skin cells.

  • Amino Acid

    It has a similar ratio as the amino acid component in dead skin cells and activates the turnover of dead skin cells.

Sheet Features

Point 1. Ultra-fine waterproof coating sheet
Outer Layer: Urethane Coating, Inner Laye: Cream Applied

The holes of the thin film were coated using a laminating technique, so the holes are smaller than vapor particles, making the mask waterproof and breathable at the same time. The sealing effect prevents the active ingredients from evaporating & keeps the mask feeling moisturized.

Point 2. Immersed in formula with high viscosity

Generally, masks are immersed in liquid products with low viscosity and high flowability so the content can easily absorb into the sheets. The IN SHOWER MASK, however, injects creamy products with high viscosity into the sheet mask using a coating method. Superiority of liquid with high viscosity :
More moisturizing than liquid with high flowability, and adds more oil and active ingredients -> Delivering highly-concentrated nourishment to the skin is possible. It moisturizes and strengthens the skin moisture barrier. The mask is more convenient to use because the content (liquid) does not drip down during use.

Point 3. Maximize absorption into the skin in a short time

Alginate (algae) fiber sheets becomes sticky and more adherent when it comes in contact with the naturally generated steam and heat during the shower. The increased adherence enhances the delivery of active ingredients to the skin for a superb treatment effect in a short period of time, and the adherence also allows the user to carry out other activities with the mask applied. Adheres well to the skin even when it comes in contact with vapor or water.

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