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Line of masks that you can mix, match, and customize to the condition of your skin

  • Different material sheets for
    masks with different functions

    For adherence, penetration, and more, the sheets’ materials were differentiated according to the function of the masks

  • Custom designs for different areas

    Sheets designed to fit perfectly over the care area

  • 6 different colors

    Color sheets made with natural dyes

Product Line

  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Moisture Tone Up Pink
    #Moisture Tone Up Pink Brightening
    Mask for upper face with essence containing magnolia extract and sea buckthorn fruit extract makes skin appear clear and bright
    - Ingredients : Buckthorn fruit Extract (Vitamin Tree Extract )/Magnolia/Emulsion-Type - Sheet Material : Microfiber (Pink) - Characteristics : Moisturizing, brightening upper-area mask that sticks closely and brightens up the center of the face
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Pore Care Green
    #Pore Care Green
    Mask for upper face with formula containing eoseongcho extract and centella asiatica extract helps sebum-control and dead skin cell turnover for smoother skin
    - Ingredients : Centella Extract/Eoseongcho/ Water-Type - Sheet Material : Microfiber (Green) - Characteristics : Upper-area mask hydrates and controls oil on the trouble areas of the face (T-zone + Butterfly Area) that requiring soothing
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Plumpy Bounce Orange
    #Plumpy Bounce Orange Wrinkle Care
    Mask for upper face with serum containing camellia extract gives nourishment to rough skin texture and makes it appear supple.
    - Ingredients : Propolis/Camellia/Water-Type - Sheet Material : Hydrogel (Orange) - Characteristics :Upper-area mask made of hydrogel that delivers rich moisture to the delicate and dehydrated areas of the face such as the area around and between the eyes
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Firming Yellow
    #Firming Yellow Wrinkle Care
    Mask for lower face with ear loops and emulsion containing honeysuckle extract gives the look of skin suppleness and holds the chin area firmly.
    - Ingredient : Lactobacillus/Honeysuckle/Emulsion-Type - Sheet Material : Vilene Flexible Sheet (Yellow) - Characteristic : Bottom-area mask made of a flexible sheet to hold firmly on the chin
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Cooling Soothing White
    #Cooling Soothing White
    Mask for lower face with formula containing chamomile extract and panthenol moisturizes and soothes the sensitive skin that is resulted from dryness.n
    - Ingredient : Panthenol/Chamomile/Jelly-Type - Sheet Material : Cotton Tencel Gauze (White) - Characteristic : Sheet covers the chin to soothe the skin
  • MIX&MATCH MASK - Moisture Holding Blue
    #Moisture Holding Blue Wrinkle Care
    Mask for lower face with cream containing narcissus ingredient and ceramide derivative strengthens the skin moisture barrier
    - Ingredient : Ceramide/Narcissus/Cream Emulsion - Sheet Material : PT cell 50 (Blue) - Characteristic : Bottom-area mask that delivers rich moisture to the skin thanks to the combination of the moisturizing sheet and liquid with a creamy texture

Material characteristics

  • texture Microfiber


    Excellent adherence due to the thinness and fineness of the fibers Contracts as the essence is absorbed and holds to the skin tighter during use Microfibers help the essence penetrate into the skin so the active ingredients can be effectively delivered to the skin

  • texture Hydrogel


    Sheet with a jelly-like texture that feels soft and relaxing on the skin Feels cool on the skin so it has an excellent soothing effect Very moisturizing without feeling sticky, so the material is frequently used for moisturizing masks and eye patches

  • texture Vilene


    Fabric that stretches in all directions Has elasticity, so it contracts after being stretched, giving a lifting effect to the skin from the physical pull Sticks to the face completely, helping the essence absorb effectively

  • texture Cotton Gauze

    Cotton Gauze

    Mix of tencel with gauze allows the sheet to stay strong, feel soft, and prevents the fibers from becoming loose Material is soft and breathable, so feels relaxing for the skin

  • texture PT-cell


    Perfect for nourishing masks due to its softness and its ability to help with high penetration of the formula Nature-derived material Thickest material that can be used, while still allowing the sheet mask to stick comfortably to the face, giving the product a luxurious feel

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