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For an easy natural
defined hairline

Pang Pang Hair Shadow

Pang Pang Hair Shadow image

One sold every minute*

Pang Pang
Hair Shadow

#Big Confidence Booster #Easy and Natural
#Hairline Contouring

A hair contouring shadow that touches up
uneven hairlines or any sparse spots

* Global sales of Pang Pang Hair Shadow in 2019 (Korea, China, US, Canada,
Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand)


No. 1
Babyface Hairline
>No. 2
Light Brown
>No. 3
Reddish Brown

Point 1 Transform “M” hairline
into a smooth and youthful “U”

before after image

Simply cover and define uneven
hairline by filling in thin hair
or concealing hair loss.

Point2 Travel-friendly size
Including applicator puff
and mirror

Easily touch-ups your hairline
anywhere you go

Point 3 Natural shades

Easily match your hair color

Find the right color
Easily match your hair color

No .1 Babyface Hairline No. 2 Light Brown No. 3 Reddish Brown

How to use

Hair PangPang Line

Pang Pang Hair Shadow / Pang Pang Hair Stick Shadow
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