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For a sleek and neat hairline

Pang Pang Hair Shadow

Pang Pang Hair Shadow image

babyface hairline

Pang Pang
Hair Shadow

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Hair shadow to clean up uneven hairline
simply by patting


No. 1
Babyface Hairline
>No. 2
Light Brown
>No. 3
Reddish Brown

Point 1Hairline to
flatter the face shape

before after image

Simply pat along your sparse
hairline and it will help
enhance your face shape

Point2Natural color
creating a more natural look

Hair shadow with rose hip fruit oil
for any type of hairline

Point 3Handy petite size

Compact size hair shadow
with a mirror and puff together
to easily fix your hairline anytime,

Find the right color
for your hair

No .1 Babyface Hairline No. 2 Light Brown No. 3 Reddish Brown

How to use

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Hair PangPang Line

Pang Pang Hair Shadow / Pang Pang Hair Stick Shadow
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