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Ultra moisturizing lip mask on a stick!
Click! Glide! A stick balm that treats your lips and make them feel like soft petals with a single click

퓨어 립 스틱 마스크
  • Vanilla care ingredient moisturizes the lips

    Lip care ingredient extracted from vanilla provides the lips with rich hydration and nourishment without stickiness to hydrate them

  • Lip balm on a stick for convenient use anywhere, anytime

    We’ve put a richly hydrating lip balm on a stick! Using the “click” container, you can put on an appropriate amount of the lip mask, day & night, anywhere, anytime, while keeping the hands clean

  • Contains ingredients from nature and makes the lips smooth and plump

    Nature derived ingredients calm down dead skin cells and improve the condition of the lips to turn them smooth and plump

Special Ingredients

Vanilla Lip Care Ingredient

Delivers lots of moisture and nourishment without stickiness to lips dry from external factors
Good for skincare, treats the lips and makes it healthier

Nature Derived Ingredients

[ Shea butter, murumuru butter, almond oil ]

Calms down dead skin cells and treats dry lips

Click! Click! Instructions for the Container

How to Use
  • 1. Click the button at the bottom of the container.

  • 2. Click once to raise the balm by about 0.1 mm. [Warning] Content does not retract, so click just enough for each application.

  • 3. Apply smoothly on the lips


  • 퓨어 립 스틱 마스크 발색컷

    Pure Lip Stick Mask

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