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Pure White Ultra Active skin softener

Firming and brightening gel toner that improves dullness and recharges skin with firmness.

Functional product for brightening

퓨어화이트 울트라액티브 스킨소프너
  • 01 The gel-type toner provides instant hydration with a non-sticky moisturizing effect to turn skin moist and bright.

  • 02 The product gets quickly absorbed and treats the skin for firmness and translucence.

Flower Story

  • Magnolia story

    The magnolia is a flower that symbolizes elegance and beauty. It spends the entire winter with buds at the end of its roots, which blossom into extravagant flowers in the spring even before the leaves start to bloom. Mamonde researched the process of how the magnolia blooms and discovered an energizing ingredient for the skin from blooming energy contained inside magnolia buds right before they blossom.

Story of Pure White Ultra Active
  • Story of Pure White Ultra Active

    Mamonde researched dozens of different magnolia breeds in diverse stages with the support of the Chollipo Arboretum, which has the largest diversity of magnolia breeds in Korea. This research led to the discovery of magnolin, a skin energizing component found inside magnolias. Only magnolias in the form of flower buds, which contain the most magnolin right before blooming, were utilized in the development of Pure White Ultra Active that turns skin firm and translucent despite the passing of time. (Patent Application: 2015-0038769)

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