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Vitamin cream for the skin that recharges dull and fatigued skin

Brightening Cosmetic Product

  • Bitter Orange Flower

    Contains the secret to recharging moisture found in bitter orange flowers, which are valuable flowers that are extracted on the day they are picked

  • 7-Vitamin Complex

    Vitamin complex composed of Bitter Orange Flower extract + 6 vitamins necessary for healthy skin delivers energy to recharge the skin for clearer, more hydrated skin! *Bitter Orange Flower extract + 6 types of pure vitamin/derivatives

  • Vitamin Capsule for Antioxidation

    Capsules containing antioxidizing vitamins, which come in 3 colors, burst to recharge fatigued skin!

  • Moist & Recharged Moisture Barrier

    Hydrating water essence texture lightly spreads over the skin and absorbs without stickiness. A smooth and recharged skin barrier full of moisture is formed!

Checklist for
Skin Fatigue

하단 텍스트 참조

Checklist for
Skin Fatigue

If you have checked more than 3 items on the list, then your skin may be in danger!

  • Skin complexion looks dark and dull recently
  • Skin does not take makeup well
  • Skin looks tired and dehydrated
  • Skin seems to have lost its firmness and glow
  • Others frequently tell me I look tired

Let your skin recover from fatique with this vitamin essence for the skin!

Vitamin Complex

A recharging 7-vitamin complex for energized looking skin
하단 텍스트 참조
Moisture Bitter Orange Flower
Skin with moisture
Boosting - Vitamin P
Relieve skin stress
Brightening vitamin B3
Brighter looking skin
Smoothening vitamin F
Smoother and finer looking skin
Recharging vitamin E
Boosting - vitaminB5
Strengthens skin moisture barrier
Firmer looking skin
Transparent - Vitamin C
Clearer & purer looking skin

Vitamin derivatives: C, E, F, B3, B5

Formula Features

See with your eyes first!

The hydrating, water-gel like texture goes lightly on the skin and quickly absorbs to create a smooth, hydrating, and recharging moisture barrier

The cream’s color may lighten because synthetic pigments were not used, but it is not a factor on the effectiveness of the product

Flower Story

Bitter Orange Flower
  • Unlike the sweet orange flowers, which are more widely used, bitter orange flowers are more precious because of their shorter blooming period and because they are extracted on the day they are picked to prevent changes in fragrance and color. We have found the secret to clean, recharging moisture within Bitter Orange Flowers that are known to be effective in delivering hydrating moisture to the skin.


In the morning and evening, take out an appropriate amount and gently apply all over the face following the skin texture of the cream step.

Order to Use

  • Toner


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  • Emulsion


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Line Description

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    Vitamin essence for the skin with vitamin capsules that burst, recharges fatigued skin with clean, energizing moisture


    Vitamin cream for the skin that recharges dull and fatigued skin


Vitamin time for the skin!
Tips on how to recharge fatigued skin with refreshing moisture!
  • When others frequently tell you, “You look tired”

    Soak some sheet masks or cotton pads with Vital Vitamin Essence and leave them on your face for about 10 minutes. More effective if used cold!

  • When skin looks tired and dehydrated

    In the morning or evening after cleansing, mix 1-2 drops of face oil with Vital Vitamin Cream and massage into the face for 1-2 minutes.

  • If skin texture feels rough even after exfoliation

    Soak a cotton pad with Vital Vitamin Essence and swipe across the face from inside to outside and absorb!

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