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Vitamin drink for the skin

Vital Vitamin Essence

Vitamin drink for the skin

Vitamin essence for
skin moisturizing and

#Anti-oxidant #Vitamin

#Moisturizing and revitalizing

Providing fresh moisture and
revitalizingthe skin with a burst of vitamin capsules

항상화 비타민 에센스 이미지
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    Formula fully packed with moisture
    forming a smooth and fresh moisture layer on
    the skin

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    Bitter orange flower extract,
    the secret of clear, dewy and vibrant skin

  • 3

    7-Vitamin Complex essential for healthy skin

항상화 비타민 에센스 이미지

Skin revitalizing
anti-oxidant vitamin capsules


Before pumping : Energy filled vitamin capsules : Seven vitamins maintain their freshness and their individual benefits until delivered to the skin. After pumping : Vitamin capsules getting ready for absorption : Capsules break into fine particles for more effective absorption into the skin.

* Free from synthetic color

Powered by the Essence of Flowers

Rare sweet-scented

bitter orange flower

비터 오렌지 꽃 이미지
  • Freshly extracted on the day of harvest

    Unlike the flowers of the sweet orange,
    bitter orange flowers bloom only for a very short period.
    That’s why Mamonde harvest and extract
    the flowers every day to maintain the sweet scent and
    prevent discoloration.

  • The secret to
    hydrating and revitalizing skin

    Bitter orange flower extract delivers
    moisture and helps strengthen the skin barrier.

For a healthy and vibrant complexion

7가지 생기 비타민 콤플렉스

7가지 생기 비타민 콤플렉스 이미지

*Vitamin Complex ingredients:
Vitamin B3, F, E, P, B5 and C, and bitter orange flower extract

지친 피부를 진정시키는 항산화작용
Time for vitamin drink!:If you have more than three items that apply to you in the checklist below, it means your skin needs vitamin drink!
The skin looks dull and dark
The skin does not take makeup well
The skin looks dry and rough
It seems the skin has lost firmness / glow
People keep saying that I look tired

Vital Vitamin Line

Vital Vitamin Line 이미지
  • 바이탈 비타민 에센스 이미지
    Vital Vitamin
  • 바이탈 비타민 크림 이미지
    Vital Vitamin

Skin moisturizing &
revitalizing TIP

Fresh moisture and vitality with vitamins to
relieve fatigue on your skin
  • People often say you look tired even though
    you are not
    Soak a sheet mask or cotton pad with
    Vital Vitamin Essence and place it
    on your face for 10 minutes.
    Use it cold for an even better result!
  • Skin looks rough and dry
    After washing your face in the morning or
    evening, add 1-2 drops of face oil to
    Vital Vitamin Cream and give a
    quick massage for 1-2 minutes!
  • Skin feels rough even after exfoliating
    Soak a cotton pad with Vital Vitamin
    Essence and apply by working
    from the center outwards!
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