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Brand Story

Inspired by flowers

Mamonde is a brand
that conveys the values of confident women
in pursuit of a world of their own,
with its name indicating MA (my) + MONDE (world).

Inspired by flowers and devoted to studying
them for 28 years, Mamonde sincerely conveys
the amazing vitality and flowering energy of flowers
in its products.

Mamonde is a brand that accentuates a
woman’s beauty.

Why are we obsessed
with flowers?

Flowers are
not simply plants that are remembered
for their beauty.

Flowers are the source of plant vitality.
Plants endure and survive the rough natural
environment and draw all the energy they have
accumulated for a long time,
exploding the most powerful energy of their
life cycle the moment they come into full bloom.

Mamonde studies this explosive vital energy
for a long time and faithfully conveys it to
deliver it to the customers.

Mamonde Garden,
the cradle of
flower research

Before creating even a single product,
Mamonde has grown and observed flowers
elaborately for a long time to discover their
vitality and hidden benefits for the skin.

Mamonde studied the optimum natural conditions
for healthy and beautiful flowers to blossom
and focused on their hidden energy
and the secrets of ecology that can only be
discovered with affection and care.
Mamonde Garden is the cradle of
Mamonde’s records and studies of flowers!

The birth energy of flowers presented by
Mamonde begins with Mamonde Garden.

Check out Mamonde Garden

Blossoming Energy™
the energy of
birth that produces

By observing and studying flowers for a long time,
Mamonde discovered Blossoming Energy,
the energy of birth that produces flowers.

Blossoming Energy,
an ingredient that combines the core energy
of flowering–growth–survival of flowers,
reinforces the natural power of the skin to keep it
in the best, healthiest condition.

Skin benefits of Blossoming Energy
  • Boosts
    skin energy

  • Enhanced

  • Strengthened
    skin’s barrier

  • Antioxidant

Brand History

Red Energy Recovery Serum
Entered Singapore
and opened a flagship store (FSS)
Opened Mamonde Boutique
Entered Malaysia
Entered the U.S. and Canada
Released Moisture Ceramide Cream
Released Cover Powder Cushion
Entered Thailand
Released Rose Water Toner
Released Creamy Tint Color Balm
Brand renewal
Slogan: Invented using flowers
Released First Energy Serum
Released Age Control
Entered China
Released Total Solution Cream
Released Powder Pact
(also known as “Celeb's Pact”)
Recorded annual sales of
KRW 100 billion
First beauty brand to make
such a record
Launched the brand
Slogan: It's my life
Campaign: A woman like oxygen

“Mamonde in Global”

Since 1991

Mamonde is a leading K-beauty brand that studies
flowers and conveys the energy behind their birth to
the skin. Mamonde products are available in over
1,200 ARITAUM stores, 300 hypermarket stores,
major drugstores, and 30 online shopping malls
including the official Amorepacific online store in Korea.

North America
Since 2015

Mamonde products are available in over 70 ARITAUM and A Shop stores as well as 1,100 ULTA stores in USA and Canada.

Since 2015

In Singapore, the third ASEAN country to launch the brand, Mamonde products are available in department stores and Sephora.
Mamonde has also opened the first global flagship store, which is loved by many customers in Singapore.

Since 2016

In Malaysia, the second ASEAN country to launch the brand after Thailand, Mamonde products are available in major department stores and various multi-brand shops including Sephora.

Since 2013

Mamonde products are available in major department stores including Siam Paragon, as well as various multi-brand channels, such as Eveandboy and Sephora, increasing access for more customers.

Mainland China
Since 2005

Launched in China in 2005, Mamonde has entered over 700 department stores, 1,700 specialty stores and 450 Watsons stores, and plans to offer its products in many other drugstores and multi-brand channels.

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