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We introduce our beauty ground

Mamonde Garden

Mamonde Garden, the cradle of
Mamonde’s flower research, studies
the ecology of flowers
and discovers skin benefits.

Seeds, growth, flowers,
and the energy of their birth

Powerful and explosive life energy is needed in order for a small seed to grow and blossom into a beautiful flower.

Mamonde Garden studies the ecological mechanism in which flowers protect themselves from the external environment and elevate their nutritional status to the highest in time for
blossoming, and reveals the hidden benefits and secrets of flowers.

씨앗, 성장, 꽃, 그것의 탄생 에너지씨앗, 성장, 꽃, 그것의 탄생 에너지씨앗, 성장, 꽃, 그것의 탄생 에너지

Mamonde botanists,
researchers of floral ecology

Just as nature takes care of flowers and helps them grow, botanists look after them with care and affection throughout their journey.

The botanists at Mamonde listen attentively to the silent story of each flower, watch their seasonal transformations and daily growths, all while recording their vitality and secrets of nature.

꽃 생태 연구가, 마몽드 보태니스트꽃 생태 연구가, 마몽드 보태니스트꽃 생태 연구가, 마몽드 보태니스트꽃 생태 연구가, 마몽드 보태니스트

Walking in the Garden

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