body quick move

Once started,
the “aging domino" also
begins at full speed.

Experience slow-aging
with a total anti-aging care 
 that addresses 5 signs of aging 

Firming energy
that rises from within

 Total anti-aging 
 firming toner 

Age Control Power Lift Skin Softener

Age Control Power Lift Skin Softener

#Firming toner #Anti-aging
#Supple and firm skin

  • Skin concern

    5 signs of aging
    (elasticity, wrinkles, firming,
    moisturizing, skin's moisture barrier)

  • Solution

    Total anti-aging

  • Ingredients

    Camellia saponin, camellia oil,
    4 types of peptides, collagen

Age Control Power Lift Skin Softener

Skin concerns

5 signs of skin aging
(elasticity, wrinkles,
firming, moisturizing,
skin's moisture barrier)

4 types of peptide,


Camellia saponin,
camellia oil

Antioxidation &
moisturizing care

Why We Made

 Don't be complacent! 
 Skin aging happens as soon as 
 you are off guard. 

Once aging starts,
you can never stop it.
Manage your skin
before it all begins!

The first step of slow-aging
is advanced and
steady skin care.

Elasticity, Wrinkles, Firming, Moisturizing, Skin's moisture barrier

Address 5 signs of aging

to  experience 
 firmer looking skin 

 Camellia saponin, 
 camellia oil 

Antioxidation &
moisturizing care

 4 types of peptide, 


How It Works

  Camellia saponin, camellia oil,  
  peptides and collagen  

Point 1
Camellia saponin & camellia oil

Containing saponin and oil
derived from camellia,
a flower that holds
powerful vitality!

“Saponin”, a well-known key effective
component of ginseng Found in camellia
after conducting extensive research.

Feel the antioxidation from camellia 
 saponin and the intensive moisturizing 
 effect of camellia oil. 

동백 이미지

Do you know about camellia?

It is a flower that does not wither
even in the snow and thus
represents a strong life force.

It blooms in midwinter
and keeps its beautiful full-blown shape
even after falling to the ground.

Point 2
4 types of peptide, collagen

Filled with
 4 highly effective peptides 
 and collagen, 

the formula presents
a fundamentally different anti-aging 
 effect, which addresses several
mechanisms involved with skin aging.

Peptide Collagen


It's now better for a reason.

It's full of
reliable effective ingredients!

Camellia oil Moisturizing, Camellia saponin Antioxidation  + NEW 4 types of peptide, 3 types: Elasticity 1 type: Skin's moisture barrier strengthening / NEW Collagen Firming
  • Anti-wrinkle cosmetics
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Mineral oil

  • Polyacryl

  • Imidazolidinyl

  • Triethanol

  • Synthetic

  • Silicone oil

 water-type formula 

that quickly hydrates skin
to make the skin texture looking smooth

Age Control Power Lift Skin Softener
How to Use

At the toner step after washing your face
in the morning and evening, dispense an adequate
amount onto a palm then gently apply along
the skin texture.

  • Fine lines/wrinkles have been developing
    on my skin lately.

  • It feels like my skin has lost its elasticity recently.

  • My skin looks lifeless and saggy these days.

  • It seems like my skin has roughened.

  • I'm concerned about skin dryness/tightness.

  • I'm worried about skin aging.

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