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Mamonde Blue Azulene
Azulene cloud
with powerful soothing effect
for a soft landing
on the skin.

NEW Mamonde Blue Azulene Cloud Toner
Blue Azulene Cloud Toner

Powerful 2.2X Here’s azulene,
featuring a
soothing effect
2.2x stronger than
that of cica.*
Friction-free 100% Satisfaction with
the low irritation
of the cloud formula.
Instant soothing - -76% Temporary redness
caused by
external irritants. **

*Limited to madecassoside.
**Global Medical Research Center / 2022.11.09-11/ 23 Korean women aged 20-35

Landed to show
what soothing really means.
Friction-free cloud toner
Mamonde Blue Azulene
  • 01 Authentic benefits Instant soothing from
    the strong soothing power
    of azulene featuring 2.2x
    the effectiveness of cica.
  • 02 Authentic
    If wipe-off or patting
    both irritate your skin,
    relax it with the friction
    -free cloud toner.
  • 03 Authentic ingredients Only 9 ingredients!
    A pH-balanced, clean,
    vegan formula safe
    even for acne-prone skin.
User experience Satisfaction details
100% Mamonde Blue Azulene
  • 100% The product feels as though it has
    low friction during application.
  • 100% The bubble formula feels as though there is less
    friction compared to when using a cotton pad.
  • 100% It feels like the product helps
    soothe sensitized skin.
  • 100% It feels like the skin stays moisturized
    after applying the product.

**Global Medical Research Center / 2022.11.09-11/ 23 women aged 20-35

Honest reviews of actual purchasing customers.

“Amazing soothing effect. I can see why it's gotta be azulene.” -ghkd****

“I go to work on my bicycle,
so I need something that can quickly cool down my skin. This one works well.”

“Now that I've tried the foam-type toner, I can never go back to liquid products.
I just love how it seeps in gently without flowing down.”

Source: Excerpts from shopper reviews on Naver Brand Store

Mamonde Blue Azulene
Point 1

2.2x the effect of cica* Soothing power of azulene

*Limited to madecassoside.

Mamonde Blue Azulene

Azulene is a rare ingredient. Now, experience its
true soothing effect.

Only a small amount extracted
from chamomile flower
99.9%! The rare soothing power
of high-purity azulene.

High-purity azulene extracted from chamomile flowers instantly soothes skin sensitized by external irritation with a soothing effect
that exceeds the effectiveness of cica.

Soothing 2.2x stronger than cica

2.2x UP! Madecassoside / Azulene

* Comparison of soothing effect.

Powerful soothing!
Rich moisturizing!

Instant relief of redness*

After heat irritation / After one use

*Temporary redness induced by external irritation.
**Images from the 7th best result. Results may vary by individual.

Instant cooling & soothing effect

After heat irritation / After one use

*Images from the 2nd best result. Results may vary by individual.

Instant moisture level increase


*Global Medical Research Center / 2022.11.09-11/ 23 women aged 20-35

We are devoted to soothing skin, So we added calming ingredients one after another!
Blue Chamomile Flower Extract
soothing skin Azulene 99.9% high-purity azulene
2.2x stronger soothing effect than cica*
soothing skin Madecassoside Skin soothing ingredient
extracted from centella
asiatica extract.
soothing skin Blue chamomile
flower extract
Created via 24hr cold brew
skin soothing effect.

*Limited to madecassoside.

Mamonde Blue Azulene model
Point 2

Do you still wipe-off? Massage from now on!

A true soothing solution cares about the texture!

Mamonde Blue Azulene

Water-to-cloud formula
makes a soft landing on the skin!
No cotton needed! But feels like cotton!
Soft cloudy-formula conveniently used anywhere
that needs to be soothed.

Ingenious cloud-like formula. Massage instead of wiping off.

Data evidence
on the low irritation of the cloud formula!

Redness* DOWN!

1/3 the friction of patting!

Massaging w/ cloud toner +13.7%, Wiping off w/ cotton pad +36.6%, Patting w/ hands +42.4% [Change of redness in Skin]
*Temporary redness induced by external irritation.
**Images from the 10th best result. Results may vary by individual.
***Resulted in 34% the level of redness compared to patting.
****Mamonde’s discontinued toner used for wipe-off and patting.
Water loss, DOWN! Skin barrier, SAVE!

4.6x skin barrier improvement
compared to wipe-off/patting.

BEFORE / AFTER : Massaging w/ cloud toner, Wiping off w/ cotton pad, Patting w/ hands
*Global Medical Research Center / 2022.11.09-11/ 23 women aged 20-35
**Mamonde’s discontinued toner used for wipe-off and patting.
Easy-to-use cloud formula Soothing care for any irritated part of the skin.
Massage toner

Massage toner

an adequate amount
and massage gently.

Cloud pack

Cloud pack

Put the foam
on the skin
then lightly massage
after 5 minutes.
Tip. Chill the product before
use to experience better results!

Mamonde Blue Azulene: Clean, Vegan toner, pH-balanced
Point 3

Made using only the essentials,
Clean cloud toner

No clogging pores!
Relaxing even for acne-prone skin.

Non-comedogenic tested.
  • Non-comedogenic tested.
  • Dermatologist tested.
  • Hypoallergenic tested.
  • Eye irritation alternative tested.

pH level balanced with healthy skin.

Acidic / Weakly Acidic / Weakly Alkali

Formula with a mild acidity,
matched to the pH of healthy skin,
presents a moisturizing layer
at the first step of the skincare routine.

Formulated with the essentials
Only 9 ingredients!

Skin Soothing Moisturizing


Free of 10 unnecessary substances

Animal-originated ingredients / Talc / Polyacrylamides, Artificial fragrances / Synthetic colorants
              Imidazolidinyl urea / Triethanolamine / PEG / Gluten / PTFE
Vegan-certified Vegan No animal ingredients
No artificial fragrance Vegan The formula may have the smell of azulene,
but it is free of artificial fragrance.
It is safe to use.
Recommended for
  • Those looking for a stronger soothing ingredient for skin irritation.
  • Those who couldn’t experience much soothing effect from cica-based products.
  • Those whose skin feels irritated by wiping off or patting to apply a toner.
  • Those whose skin feels irritated after using a vitamin C product.
  • Those whose skin has been irritated due to a long exposure to sun while enjoying mountain climbing, golf, tennis, etc.
  • Those who need soothing care after exfoliation or waxing.
  • Those who want to relieve their inner-skin dryness induced by a lack of moisture.


Q. Does it contain a synthetic color?

A. Mamonde Blue Azulene Cloud Toner doesn’t have any synthetic color.
The blue comes from the use of azulene.
It is safe to use this product without any concerns around the artificial color. The naturally-derived color of the formula may change depending on how you store it because it can react to temperature and light. However, this doesn’t affect the effectiveness and quality of the product, and it is safe to use.

Q. Does the formula have any artificial fragrance?

A. This product is made without any artificial fragrance to avoid stimulating sensitized skin, but users may sense the smell from azulene.

Refill for reducing 88%
of plastic use*
cloud toner

How to Refill

Cut along
the cutline
of the refill pouch
and pour the formula
into the empty
Blue Toner bottle.

* Compared to 150ml regular product.

Dedicated to sensitive skin that
calls for irritation relief
Mamonde Blue Azulene

Blue Toner #Step 1
powerful soothing
Blue Cream #Moisture
cooling cream
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