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Ceramide Skin Softener has been upgraded as
Probiotics Ceramide Intense Cream
with a new design and texture.

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Mask, stress and an unhealthy lifestyle...
Does your skin barrier feel weaker?

For a sensitive skin barrier

 Introducing the high-enriched  
 ceramide cream,  
because we want to give more of
what’s good for the barrier

Contains  30,000ppm of ceramide 

 Strong moisturizing 
 barrier  that lasts
 100 hours 

Probiotics *Ceramide Intense Cream

#100h moisturizing barrier #3% ceramide formula
# damaged barrier repair

  • Skin concern

    Dryness, Skin barrier

  • Solution

    Moisturizing, Skin barrier strengthening

  • Ingredients

    Probiotics Ceramide

Contains lactobacillus ferment lysate

 Skin concern 

Dryness, Skin barrier


Skin barrier

 7-layer Ceramide 

Skin barrier strengthening

Once you try it, you’ll understand
why we are the masters of ceramide

Mamonde’s #1 cream* 
Sold over 2.35 million units** 

* Based on total sales quantity in Korean channels as of 2020
Global total of Hibiscus Ceramide Cream (Light/Intense) sold
** during January 1, 2015 - August 31, 2021
(Korea, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, US, Canada, etc.)

Mamonde Ceramide Cream is
another level !
The winner of the
Jang Yeongsil Awards

by the Korean Ministry of
Science and ICT

 A technology to stabilize 
 a high content(3%) of a ceramide 
developed after 20 years of research by Amorepacific

Probiotics Ceramide
Intense Cream contains
3% of an ceramide

  two functions  
  of the skin barrier  

Did you know that there are
two functions of the skin barrier
for the inside and the outside?

Unbalanced skin barrier functions
lead to dryness and sensitivity!

Skin ecosystem barrier
 (outermost layer of skin) 

soothe skin against irritated skin
Keeping skin moist and healthy looking

Skin moisturizing barrier
 (stratum corneum) 

Protection against loss of moisture
and nutrients Keeping skin moist

Both functions of the skin barrier
must be managed to be an
AUTHENTIC barrier care solution

Experience the next-level
 intensive moisturizing 
 barrier cream 

featuring  30,000ppm of ceramide 
added with probiotics.

Probiotics X Ceramide
 Awakening a healthy 
 looking barrier  with
complete double barrier care

 7-layer Ceramide 

7 types of ceramides
for inner-skin moisturizing
barrier care

 Floral Biotics 

 Improves the outer-skin ecosystem barrier 
& the skin’s natural energy
( *Pre-, pro- and post-biotics added with moisturizing
ingredient derived from hibiscus)

*Contains lactobacillus ferment lysate

 double barrier care 

Step 1
INSIDE Barrier Care

Build a moisturizing barrier
from the inside with 7 layers
of skin-friendly ceramide

We used ceramides featuring
an enhanced affinity to skin, more similar to the ceramidefound in skin

Mamonde’s 7-Layer Ceramide

  • Hydro Ceramide

    # Skin moisturizing &
    moisture replenishment

  • Boosting Ceramide

    # Skin barrier strengthening effect

  • Barrier Ceramide

    # Improved skin protection

  • Moist Ceramide

    # Skin moisturizing & skin barrier

  • Shield Ceramide

    # Skin moisturizing & skin barrier

  • Core Ceramide

    # Skin moisturizing & skin barrier

  • Radiance Ceramide

    # Radiance barrier

Step 2
OUTSIDE Barrier Care

Strengthen the skin’s
natural energy through a skin
ecosystem barrier care with
Floral Biotics™* , Mamonde’s
microbiome ingredient

A microbiome ingredient featuring
“moisturizing, barrier strengthening, and
moisture soothing” effects and
Mamonde’s technology

Mamonde Floral Biotics
here’s what it does:

Three benefits for strong and healthy looking
barrier, made of pre-, pro- and post-biotics

Contains Mamonde’s patent applied
ingredient (post-biotics)

  • Prebiotics


  • Prebiotics

    barrier strengthening

  • Prebiotics

    barrier strengthening

  • Moisturizing
    from hibiscus

Mamonde’s patent applied flora derived
from flora Lactobacillus Ferment (Postbiotics)

 100hours of moisturizing 
effect after a single use

※ Agency : Global Medical Research Center
Period : June 21, 2021 - July 6, 2021  Subject : 33 women aged 40-59

Healthier looking skin barrier
 Damaged skin barrier* soothing 
after 3 days

※ Agency : Global Medical Research Center
Period : June 21, 2021 - July 6, 2021  Subject : 33 women aged 40-59
* Skin barrier damaged by physical irritation

Experiencing a moist skin
transformation  Improved 
 skin moisturizing  effect after 14 days

※ Agency : Global Medical Research Center
Period : June 21, 2021 - July 6, 2021  Subject : 33 women aged 40-59

 Mild 100-hour barrier cream  
 safe enough  
 for sensitive skin 

Adding desired benefits to a relaxing
formula , so as to not irritate
a weakened skin barrier

  • Anti-wrinkle cosmetics
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypoallergenic tested
  • 8 FREE
  • Sensitive panel tested
  • Alternative eye irritation tested
  • Free of animal

  • Mineral oil

  • Polyacryla

  • Imidazolidi

  • Triethanol

  • Synthetic color

  • PEG

  • Paraben

 Intensive moisturizing 
 cream formula  

with high adherence and long-wear

Does your skin dehydrate quickly no matter
how much you apply?

Experience a dewier and healthier skin barrier
with a moisturizing layer that lasts for
100 hours with 30,000ppm of
7-layer ceramide.

 Hygienic tube packaging 
for convenience

The diagonal opening allows for an easier
and effortless release of the formula


your Mamonde Ceramide Cream!

Ceramide Cream
Skin type

Recommended for customers with oily
skin lacking moisture and dry skin
who are interested in skin barrier care
and skin health


Fresh on the outside, moist on the inside
with an adequate oil-moisture balance
Refreshing finish

Probiotics Ceramide
Intense Cream
Skin type

Recommended for those with dry to
severely dry skin and skin barrier problems
who want the high-potency of ceramide


Intensive moisturizing texture providing
a deep moisturizing and nourishing
effect and a protective layer

How to Use

At the emulsion step of your skincare routine in the
morning and the evening, take an appropriate amount
and gently spread along the texture of the facial skin

  • Those whose skin is irritated by wearing a face mask,
    stress and/or other external factors

  • Those whose skin barrier is weakened

  • Those worried about inner-skin dryness and tightening

  • Those who want a deep moisturizing solution that
    doesn’t feel sticky

  • Those who prefer a mild product that’s not irritating on
    the skin

  • Those whose skin flakiness stands out after putting on

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