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Strong long-lasting moisture
barrier with hibiscus

Ceramide Intense Cream

Ceramide Intense Cream image
Building a new protective barrier on the skin

Ceramide Intense Cream

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Moisturizing cream with hibiscus for strengthening
the skin's moisture barrier to keep it moisturized and healthy

Ceramide Intense Cream image
  • 1

    Twice more enhancedactive moisturizing ingredients
    of hibiscus

  • 2

    High concentration of ceramide originally developed
    by Mamonde
    for strengthening of the skin's barrier

  • 3

    Double moisture barrier that's fundamentally different

Ceramide Intense Cream
  • Top selling item of Mamonde
  • The winner of Jang Yeongsil Awards
    by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT
  • Powerful moisturizing barrier with hibiscus
    Ceramide PC-104 originally developed by Mamonde and doubled content of active moisturizing ingredients from hibiscus for deep hydration
  • Strong and sturdy double moisture barrier
    Double-moisture Barrier Technology strengthens the skin’s structure providing hydration to the skin to keep it moisturized for long hours
  • 24-hour lasting moisturizing with a comfortable feel
    Lamella texture using Lipid Networking System Technology has the structure similar to that of the skin; gently and smoothly coating the skin to keep it feeling comfortable through 24-hour lasting deep hydration
Ceramide Intense Cream

Hibiscus Ceramide
for a strong skin barrier

It is the shield and protective barrier of our body
situated on the stratum corneum, the outermost
layer of the skin. Building a strong skin barrier
is essential for getting healthy skin.

  • External irritants [Damaged skin barrier]
  • External irritants [Strong skin barrier]

Twice more enhanced active moisturizing
ingredients of hibiscus

The content of active moisturizing ingredients from cortex
hibisci is doubled to provide deep hydration and help
restore the skin’s barrier
that has become
damaged by external irritants.

Step 1: Skin barrier strengthening
Twice more enhanced moisturizing ingredients from hibiscus and 3% of Ceramide PC-104 originally developed by Mamonde together strengthen the skin’s barrier.
Step 2: Double moisture barrier function
Double-moisture Barrier Technology fills the skin with moisture from the stratum corneum through to the stratum granulosum.

Skin benefits

7 days
19% improvement of the skin’s barrier in only seven days
24 hours
All-day lasting moisturizing effect (24 hours)

Ceramide structurally
similar to the skin’s barrier

  • 1. Skin barrier improvement
    1 weeks (7 days) - Ceramide Cream AD 19%
    2 weeks - Old version 6.5%
  • 2. Increase in the skin’s moisture level
    4 weeks - Ceramide Cream AD 17%
    2 weeks - Old version 림 13.6%
  • 3. Skin teaxture improvement
    4 weeks - Ceramide Cream AD 9.7%
    2 weeks - Old version 6.3%

Customer satisfaction

  • The skin feels moisturized and not dry at all
  • The skin no longer feels tight
  • The skin healthier after use
  • The skin takes makeup well
  • It seems that makeup lasts longer
  • Test period: November 1 - December 27, 2017
  • Subject: 20 women aged between 20 and 49

Different products for different skin types

Ceramide Intense Moisture
Ceramide Intense Moisture
  • with a rich texture that blends in seamlessly with the skin
  • completely absorbed into the skin without leaving a sticky feeling

Has never been seen before
The beauty of hibiscus

From Mamonde Garden
Ceramide Intense Moisture
  • Remarkable vitality of hibiscus
    Hibiscus is the flower with a tremendous amount of life energy that puts forth up to 5,000 blossoms from a single tree. Through long years of study and test in collaboration with Dr. Kim Gunho at Chollipo Arboretum, Mamonde developed a new variety of hibiscus named Mamonde.
  • Ceramide PC-104, the fruit of 20-year long research
    Mamonde first discovered an active ingredient that had the benefits of strengthening the skin’s barrier from cortex hibisci, and through 20 years of research, developed Ceramide PC-104.

Skin moisturizing with
Ceramide from Hibiscus

Ceramide Intense Moisture

Ceramide Line

Ceramide Intense Moisture line
Ceramide Intense Moisture
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