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Exceptional all-in-one
skincare solution

Man Recharging All in one fluid

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Energizing (revitalizing) solution

Men Recharging All-in-one Fluid

Innovative formula for
easy yet effective skincare for men

Man Recharging All in one fluid image
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    Everything toner, essence and lotion in one bottle

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    Anti-wrinkle care and skin brightening in one go

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    Recharging Booster combining dandelion taurine, caffeine and vitamin E

Special formula for 
men’s skin

Analysis of men’s skin influenced by male hormones

  • Testosterone accelerating
    moisture evaporation
  • Active sebum production
  • Accelerated pigmentation
  • Thick skin
  • Prone to skin damage due to dryness

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Skin revitalizing with Recharging Booster™

TM Recharging Booster
combining dandelion taurine, caffeine and vitamin E revitalizes men’s skin with excellent
moisturizing and antioxidation.

Dandelion taurine
Dandelion root extract containing taurine strengthens the skin’s moisture barrier.
Vitamin E
Protecting the skin from active oxygen
Relieving skin fatigue through purification
Dandelion taurinewith powerful vitality
1 Mamonde discovered taurine from the
root of the dandelion, the flower that has
such a powerful vitality, it can grow back even
from a broken root.
This dandelion root extract
helps relieve skin fatigue caused by external
environmental conditions.
Caffeinefor skin barrier strengthening
2 Caffeine soothes skin cells irritated by
UVB to take away fatigue substances.
It also helps decrease the TEWL
(Transepidermal Water Loss)
level by strengthening the skin’s barrier.
vitamin EExcellent anti-oxidant
3 Vitamin E is an excellent antioxidant that
purifies and maintains healthy skin while
protecting the skin with anti-oxidant effects.
The level of vitamin E in skin sharply
drops with skin irritation and
aging resulting from exposure to ozone.

Man Recharging Line

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