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The energy of birth that
produces flowers for
radiant skin

Red Energy Recovery Serum

Red Energy Recovery Serum image

With the energy of birth
that produces flowers

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Essential recovery serum to boost the
skin’s energy and
create a smooth radiant skin
in only 5 days

Red Energy Recovery Serum image
  • 1

    Creating moisturized and smooth skin
    in five days and a supple and glowing complexion in 14 days

  • 2

    Blossoming EnergyTM, the energy of birth that produces flowers to renew the skin’s condition every day

  • 3

    8-free hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested formula

Point 1

Blossoming Energy™ for

smooth and radiant skin

  • Strengthening
    the skin’s barrier
    Strengthen the skin’s moisture
    barrier for a healthy and
    supple skin
  • Skin smoothing
    Removing dead skin cells to
    smooth the skin’s texture
  • Deep hydration
    Deliver moisture deeply into
    the skin for a dewy and
    healthy glow

Real effects of

Blossoming Energy

Red Energy Recovery Serum image

Moisturized and smooth skin in just 5 days!

Bright and healthy glowing skin in just 14 days!

[ Clinical trial ]

5 days after using the product
25.52% The skin’s moisture level increased 9.28% The skin texture improved 11.54% The skin’s barrier strengthened
14 days after using the product
7.54% The skin’s firmness increased 14.71% The skin’s glow improved 15.67 The skin’s clarity improved

Customer satisfaction

with Red Energy Recovery Serum

after 2 weeks of use

93.6% : The skin feels comfortable and soothed 93.6% : The skin feels less tight 90.3% : The skin feels softer and smoother 87.8% : The skin seems brighter 87.8% : It feels like the skin stays moisturized for longer 87.1% : The skin seems to have a glow

◎ Clinical trial / customer satisfaction survey (2 weeks)

◎ 33 women aged between 25 and 35 from November 15 - December 24, 2019 (4 weeks) Guangzhou Landproof Testing Technology Co. Ltd

Point 2 The embodiment of 28 years of dedication in flower research! Blossoming Energy™ boosting the skin’s energy
  • Through long years of
    flower research,
    dynamic changes
    in flowers during their
    blooming time.

  • It was discovered that
    every flower has a
    special energy and
    core ingredient
    essential for their
    blooming, growth and

  • This finding led to the
    development of
    Blossoming Energy
    which is Mamonde’s
    special ingredient from
    flowers offering skin
    improvement benefits.

  • Blossoming Energy,
    the masterpiece of
    Mamonde’s 28-year
    flower research boosts
    the skin’s energy and
    creates smoother and
    more radiant skin.

6-day demonstration of the ability of
Blossoming Energy

6-day experiment: comparision of the ability to retain moisture

Point 3


8-free formula

Animal ingredients, mineral oil, paraben,
polyacrylamide, imidazolidinyl urea, triethanolamine,
synthetic color and PEG surfactant

Red Energy Recovery Serum image

Anti-wrinkle cosmetic product

Dermatologist tested

Hypoallergenic tested

Double protective layer
that’s structured very similar to
the skin’s structure

Smooth texture that is
absorbed deeply
into the skin

How to use

Pump out an adequate amount
after applying toner in the morning and evening
and apply it gently along the skin texture

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