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Infused with 90.97%
Real Rose Water,
not just water

Rose water Toner

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[2018 Mamonde skin softener / toner sales]

Mamonde’s best seller!

1 Bottle sold every 50 seconds

* Global sales of Rose Water Toner from the release in 2013 to March 2020
(Korea, China, US, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand)

#Rose Water Toner #Multi-tasking toner
#Soothing & moisturizing

rosewater toner image
90.97% Rose water

Rose Water Toner with soothing and moisturizing effects,
offering greater hydration with each wipe on your skin

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    Visibly refreshes, soothes and hydrated the skin

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    Infused with 90.97% Real Rose Water

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    Clean and Gentle formula without 7 ingredients

Tips for making the best use of
Rose Water TonerTIP

  • #Simple Toner Mask Soothe and hydrate your skin
  • #7-layer toner technique Add multiple layers of moisture to dehydrated skin
  • #Wipe-off toner Easy and instant 
hydration routine to use every morning for a soft skin texture

Filling the skin
with Roses

Purify your skin of any excess dirt and refresh

장미수 90.97% From Mamonde Garden
  • From the Rose Valley of Bulgaria

    Best-quality Damask rose from the Rose Valley
    of Bulgaria, the greatest rose producer of the world.

  • The freshest blossoms, hand-picked

    Damask Roses are harvested in their finest state
    only 30 days a year to maintain freshness and scent.

  • 90.97% Damask Rose water

    Active ingredients of Damask roses are extracted
    via low-temperature super-high pressure extraction (SHP)

90.97% Rose water7-FREE

Animal-originated ingredients, Mineral oil,
Polyacrylamide, Imidazolidinyl urea, Triethanolamine,
Silicone oil and Synthetic colorant

Flower Toner Line

탄력 : 플라워허니, 민감 : 캐모마일 퓨어, 보습 : 로즈워터, 각질제거 : 아쿠아필, 피지흡착 : 포어클린
rosewater toner image

Rose Water Line

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